Many individuals who don’t have the facility to own personal cars are mostly the ones using the public transportations. But why do people use public transportations while they are traveling? Using public transportation lessens the number of private vehicles on the roads. This reduces air pollution, and traffic both of which make the place nicer when visiting. Traveling through public transportation gives you other benefits like not having to worry about paying the rent of the car or the fuel. You can roam around freely without having to worry about the parking spots. All these benefits add up to the fact that using public transportation while traveling is much easier. Ride around these unique public transportation by availing discounts from DealMeCoupon.

Every place has unique public transport, and some of them are beautiful. Here are some amazing and unique public transportations around the world.

1 – Suspension Railway – Wuppertal, Germany

People who love to enjoy the adrenaline rush would love to travel on this one. This train in Germany runs a 13.3 km long network of suspended trains. Excitingly, this is 8-12 meters above the ground.

This quick-moving train was built in 1901 and is known to be the oldest electric railway in the world. Although it is unique, it is not considered a tourist attraction. Many locals use it for their daily commute. This train can carry over 65,000 people a day and an approx of 24 million a year. It takes up to 30 minutes to roam around the city, during which you can see amazing and beautiful features of the city.

2 – Trams – France

Another old-recent development in the land of France is Trams. Architects of the city are building new and high-tech streetcar lines as a tourist attraction in the urban redevelopment. And they don’t forget to add a bit of French to it.

3 – Urban Cable Car System – La Paz, Bolivia

A mountainous city land above 11,500 feet above sea level sure has its challenges. But to solve these issues, the architects of La Paz Bolivia built an urban cable car system. Opened in 2014, this cable car system provides easier traveling all around the city, which otherwise took long hours walking.

4 – Cocotaxi – Cube

In the 1990s, self-rickshaw started in Havana. Today, they are used by every major city in Cuba.

The shape of the cocoon is what inspired its name. These gas scooters are composed of a fiberglass shell made in Cuban and have seats welded on them. Their speed of approximately 50kph (30 mph) may be slower when compared to a normal car but is smaller and more traffic-capable. There are basically two coco taxi varieties. The blue is for local residents, and the yellow is a delightful way to visit the city for tourists.

 5 – Gondola – Venice, Italy

Travel on a traditional carved wood gondola boat, look out for the highlights of Venice such as Rialto Bridge, and listen to Italian melodies.

6 – Cyclos – Hanoi, Vietnam

The cyclo trend goes way back to the French colonial period in Vietnam. This mode of transportation became popular after many failed attempts of various other transports. Two drivers may cram into the back as the driver pedals using this tricycle-like cab. The small design works in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in crowded streets quite effectively.

Enjoy riding around different countries in their unique public transportation and feel every ounce of adventure it gives you.